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What we practically do is pretty simple. We are business owner’s success accountability partners. Our company sees each engagement as an agreement not between a business and its customers, but between partners who wish to create a close and mutually-beneficial long-term relationship. In the process of developing your business, we know businesses are challenged with three major resources:


  1. Current Business Plan
  2. Break-even Plan
  3. Revenue and Profit Budget
  4. Cash Gap Plan
  5. USP & Guarantee
  6. Sales Management System
  7. Tactical Marketing Plan


  1. Employee Acquisition Plan
  2. Psychometric Profiling Process
  3. KPI Measurement System
  4. Lean Manufacturing Program
  5. Performance Incentive Plan
  6. Strategic Plan
  7. Leadership Development Plan
  8. Team Meeting Rhythm
  9. Organizational Plan
  10. Team Building System


  1. Apprenticeship Plan
  2. Operations & Training Manual
  3. Time Management Plan
  4. Comprehensive Exit Strategy


Profitability is what all organizations strive for. This involves managing efficiently your revenues, expenses to offer the best business health for your business. Where is your business standing when it comes to profitability?

  • Lead Generation to guarantee a pipeline of prospects looking for you.
  • Conversation Rate for a satisfactory clients base.
  • Number of Transactions to insure that your happy customers/clients come back.
  • Pricing Design focus on value offered.
  • Increasing Profit to shape your business profitability.
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Check Out What People Are Saying About Us

  • wEquipu Team is a wonderful team to work with! I have been working with them to help a mutual Client implement his marketing plan, and they have been great. They keep communication on point and do a wonderful job of guiding the client towards success with his marketing efforts. I would recommend them to any small & medium sized business owner who wants a solid marketing plan that gets results.

  • Educating my clients on legal and tax aspect of their businesses is my passion. This passion resonates strongly with wEquipu events. The Lunch & Learn is just packed with great information for small business owners on how to efficiently run the different aspect of their businesses for sustainable growth. Speakers with diverse backgrounds make the event a content rich one. I enjoy being able to register 3 other business owners to get access to the stage and advertise my practice. You can do the same to advertise your business at each Lunch & Learn or Wine & Learn.

  • Eye opening on why small businesses fail within the first years. Working with wEquipu team provide me with external team and ressources I can rely on any time to grow a sustainable business.

  • Being a busy Beauty salon owner I needed to learn and grow my business at my pace. wEquipu offered me the solution with their E-Learning System which is straight to the point when it comes to business growth.

    renee watts client

    Rene Watts, Owner - Believe Hair Salon

  • I was skeptical in the beginning but was referred to wEquipu by my financial advisor. The Complementary Coaching Sessions are of a great value for my two businesses. The assessment report laid out things I knew was needed but was an eye opener on the challenges. The sessions bring you great knowledge for your business and are extremely helpful.

  • I have been running my professional power washing business and giving a second chance to inmates for 15 years. I knew I needed professional help to reach my dream but couldn’t find it. It was a big frustration for me till I met wEquipu team. They saw the potential of my business and was willing to work with me to package my services and brand my business for more leads and sales. They are helping me to raise my leadership level for the growth of my business. I was personally touched to see that the team is driven by integrity and the desire to help. Money was not their only drive and they offer me a win-win contingency plan sharing my financial burden.

  • wEquipu team is the first business coaching firm that I have met that addresses strategic business growth from all angles. They cover all the fundamentals small business owners need, from strategic planning, to personnel issues, to street wise marketing, to managing the books, and more. The team is highly professional and knowledgeable of small business owners daily struggles and frustrations. They have a concise and hands on methodology, that is tailored to fit a business owners needs and budget, with a track record for helping small business owners become more successful.

  • Working with Achille Bombom from wEquipu helps me grow my beverage distribution business to more than a million dollar business within 5 years. With no college education, I was concerned at the beginning to be able to apply the tools provided. I was wrong because the tools are practical, right to the point and required persistence and determination. Today I am a confident business woman with a clear vision and changing people lives. If I can do it any business owner can with professional help.

    Sena A. Aboga, Owner - SENA SARL

  • I have worked with Achille Bombom from wEquipu team. His leadership and project management skills were great assets to our organization He was effective in leading my teams on various projects, bringing them in on time and at budget. He also has knowledge around most aspects of an operating business and I would expect would bring success to any corporation in which he become engaged.

    Morris Housen, President - Birch Point Paper Products Inc

  • As an entrepreneur the team at wEquipu helped me put the right things right. Learning the fundamentals of business is growing me as a business owner and my business as well. I understand the importance of having a professional working alongside with me in growing my business.

  • Working with wEquipu progressively allows me as a business owner to start changing my mindset on running a business. I truly start working on my business instead of working in it. Integrating my team in the process allows me to improve my leadership skills and keep growing myself.


Our awesome team

We’re a small, friendly and talented team. Each of us spent many hours polishing professional skills and earning a unique experience

Frequently Asked Questions

We all need someone who can keep us focused, on track, and help us sort through the multiple decisions we make in a day. It’s not that we can’t do it all on our own, working with a coach just makes things move more quickly.

1. What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is a process not an event. The true process of coaching requires getting at the ‘root cause’ of deficiency. Business coaching is needed to help get to the root cause. You have to be willing to accept the cause, overcome it and then begin changing the effect it has on you and your business. Make business coaching a remarkable way to move to success and good profits. Your marketing messaging to your target market, systems you put in place and professional development help you get there. And we will be accountable for you to get there with real results if you do your part of the deal.

2. How much it cost?

The one on one really depends on the clients level of needs. But we make sure that working with us brings an incremental cash flow that more than pays for the customized program. The group coaching set up as webinars twice a week on Tuesdays is around $497/month. The online learning and coaching $97/month and is all done for you setting with a library of our works around the world.

3. How can I get started?

Our practice is based on rapport building and trust. We always start with an assessment to guarantee that both parties are a good fit. Then we get you in a customized program. Once we agree on the customized program, we can start right away.

4. How can choose the right Business Coach for me?

Whoever you choose to walk along side with you to grow your business, make sure:

  1. You connect and resonate with your business coach
  2. You don’t confuse Business Consultant and Business Coach
  3. The Business Coach has a track records and experiences in coaching business owners
  4. You will accept the coaching relationship otherwise business coaching is not for you

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We created this program with the perfect combination of online business resources, tools and support to get you out of any financial distress you’re presently experiencing… help you get laser-focused on your highest income-producing activities… and help you develop and then apply the fundamentals that build multimillion dollar businesses.

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